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Zanesville Civic League
928 Jackson Street
Zanesville,Ohio 47301


Phone: 740-452-7401

Fax: 740- 452-3547

Directions to the Zanesville Civic League
70 East Coming from Columbus take State 
Street Exit, Turn left onto State Street, 
Straight through the Traffic light pass

Joe Bucky Tire.
70 West coming from Cambridge take State 
Street Exit and turn left at the light turn left at 
the next light and pass Joe Bucky Tire.

Lisa Rooks

Youth Program
Lee Bundy



Felicia Dickinson

Gym Facilitator
Paris Hayes & Lee Bundy

After school Program

Adonis Brooks

Want to get in contact with us?
Phone: (740)452-7401
Fax: (740) 452-3547

Also, visit us on Facebook, or message us on the Messenger App!

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