The idea of the community center was conceived in 
the mind of Mrs. Estella Barnette (photo to the right)

in 1918.

The idea came after having observed the absence of 
wholesome facility, commercial or private, where 
Negro youngsters could play.
Under the auspices of the Women’s Study Club, a 
public campaign was conducted to purchase a 
residence located on N. 7th St. Opposition arose 
regarding the presence of an agency to which negro 
children could go in that area. A site at 140 S. 6th 
St. was obtained as a compromise.


The Zanesville Civic League which operates the 
center, was incorporated November 15, 1919, and 
since has carried on its affairs with the duly elected 
Board of Directors. During the depression the 
property was enlarged with a 30 by 42 foot addition 
and a five room dormitory above the addition. The 
dormitory was a gift of Mrs. O. l. Martin. In the 1950’s 
the emphasis of the center serving only black 
residents was broadened to an interracial policy of 
service to any needy area residents.


In 1965 the location of the center was changed to 
1265 W. Main St. where it remained until the fall of 
1984 when it was moved to the former boy’s 
department of the YMCA on S. 5th Street. Shortly 
after the move it was announced the YMCA building 
was being vacated by December 31, 1984.
On December 10, 1984, the Community Center 
moved to 518 McIntire Avenue to continue providing 
programs to area youth. In 1986, the center Board 
was informed that the Community Center would not 
be funded by the United Way for 1987. During this 
period of crisis, many new members were added to 
the Board and it became the purpose of this new 
group to build a new and adequate facility, 
something we’ve never had in our sixty-nine year 

In July 1987, the Community Center was moved to 
1008 McIntire Avenue to be used as a headquarters 
until the new “Center” is now located at 928 Jackson 

Mrs. Estella Barnette

Our Founder

Ethiopia will stretch out her hands to God.

~ Psalm 68:31b

Purpose and Vision

The ZCLCC is a non-profit organization created to serve the underserved and disadvantaged youth in the community through wholesome programs and events. Through the Community Center we promote the responsibility of higher citizenship and spiritual uplifting of the people served through building positive self-esteem, academic excellence, physical fitness, mutual support, and taking an active interest in the youth and the community.

Mission Statement


The Zanesville Civic League Community Center provides programs that enhance and enrich life for our youth and community.